So today I want to take this chance to stress how important The Blurt Foundation are to me. For those of you who don’t know, The Blurt Foundation are dedicated to raising awareness about depression, helping us understand what it is and how to fight it. They do a variety of wonderful things to support people including writing a blog, making podcasts, and just generally spreading their love and support through various social media platforms.

Today I want to talk to you all a little bit about the genius idea that is the BuddyBox. Now I have been following and adoring The Blurt Foundation for a long while now and when I heard about the BuddyBox I couldn’t help but grin. Because it literally is what it says – a hug in a box! Just to put a better picture in your mind, when you order one of these small miracles it will come with a variety of different things that can help make living with mental health a little bit less stressful. In the past the gifts in the box have included things such as Fairtrade hot chocolate, cute and quirky post cards, colouring sheets and many other little things guaranteed to make you smile!

While I haven’t been lucky enough to have one of these gifted to me, I have very recently purchased one for one of my online friends, and I think I’m almost as excited (if not more!) as she will be. As all of you who suffer with depression yourself or know people who do will know, sometimes it can be hard to find an outlet for your emotions. After scrolling through endless pictures from those who are over the moon, to say the least, with their BuddyBox I can safely conclude that it is a perfect solution. You can see your friend is having a rough day/week/month but aren’t sure what to say to help? A BuddyBox won’t fix everything but it will most definitely bring a smile to their face even if only for a little while. And isn’t that all we really want for our friends, to see them happy, to let them know that we love and care about them and are always there when they need to talk? I certainly think so.

While these boxes are done on a subscription basis, there’s also an option to buy a one-off box so if you want to try it out but I haven’t totally convinced you to subscribe to it, that is always an option! A BuddyBox is £21.50 and goes down in price if you buy a subscription. The Blurt Foundation have also recently added the BuddyBox Lite option which is £12 and while you will get less gifts, is totally worth it if you’re wanting to cheer up a friend but haven’t got a lot of spare money like myself! But the best part about this scheme? All of the proceeds are reinvested into the foundation to further help the cause!

If you have any other questions about the BuddyBox or are interested in subscribing to or buying it, you can do so here:

If, like me, you are loving what Blurt are doing and want to help support them you can either make a donation or even buy a festival bracelet here!

Blurt WristbandBlurt #4.3

As you can see the wristband is not only pretty to look at but it’s inspiring too, with a strong message.

I also just wanted to share with you a post card they sent me which just made my day:

Blurt #4.1

This just proves how much Blurt appreciates all of our support and it honestly put a huge grin on my face!

So thank you Blurt; for all of your hard work, care, love, support, kindness, and most importantly for understanding that sometimes all we need to do to help others is to say “I’m here for you”, the way you do for all of us.

You told me I started your weeks with a smile, I hope I ended yours with one!

~ Jem x