Like I’m sure a lot of you do, I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of my feelings. Sometimes it can be hard to put them into words or even to understand yourself, but one thing I have found soothes me a lot through this process is music. Now I’m not an expert on music or dancing to any extent of the imagination and nor do I claim to be but I do know for sure that certain songs can really help. Whether they provoke thought, inspire or motivate, relate to your situations, or even just make you feel happy, everyone can connect to music one way or another.

When I feel like all I want to do is cry my favourite thing to do is turn on all of my favourite songs, lie on my bed and just listen. It makes me feel like all my problems just float away, even if only for a while. When I am in this state of mind the only people who seem to know exactly what I’m going through are my favourite singers and sometimes that’s exactly what you need – to know you are not alone.

Today I decided to put together a playlist so I can listen to it whenever I want to try and feel happy again and I thought I would leave it here for you all to listen to too. I hope you all enjoy it and maybe even discover some new music you’ve never even heard before. If you do then I’d love to know, or if you have any suggestions to add to the playlist feel free to leave them in the comments!

I’ll leave you guys today with one of my all time favourite quotes which summarises exactly how I feel about the power music can have on you:

Medicine heals the body, music heals the soul.

~ Jem x