Today I decided it was time I treated myself with an evening filled with relaxation. So, I may or may not have spent over £40 in Lush Cosmetics to make this happen but it was very much worth it! I did manage to take a few pictures to give you a slight insight into my evening (be warned, I look absolutely ridiculous in picture #1)!

Lush #7.1Lush #7.2Lush #7.4Lush #7.3

Now, I myself am a HUGE fan of all things smelly, especially from Lush. I enjoy nothing better than soaking in a nice hot bath and blasting my favourite songs while a bath bomb paints a beautiful picture of colour all around me. For me this is a really good chance to relax and think about everything I need to so I can stop stressing about them. Sometimes taking an hour or so break away from my somewhat hectic life can be all the medicine I need to stay calm and de-stress.

The thing is, I never used to allow myself this time. I would always try too hard to spread my time in all sorts of direction, trying to help people every second of the day. And while in theory this was a lovely idea it just isn’t a viable lifestyle to live if you want to be happy yourself. The fact of the matter is I will never feel as happy than when I am helping people, but sometimes you have to take time away from everyone, shut the world out and have some you time.

I’m not alone in telling you that relaxation can be good for your body both mentally and physically. While a little bit of stress can be good for you, even motivational sometimes, too much can actually have a serious impact on things like your heart rate, your memory, your immune system and eventually your mental health. Here is a list of all of the things that the Huffington Post have found relaxation aids.

Obviously not everybody will find the same things relaxing as I do so I decided to make a quick list of other things you could try to relax:
1. Adult colouring – these colouring books are such a trend right now and for a very good reason. They give you something to focus on while you clear your mind!
2. Henna/mehndi – I find this really relaxing and also a good way to keep myself busy. I find it really helpful when I feel like I want to hurt myself as it requires a lot of focus, keeps my hands and mind busy and is nice and cool in my skin. If, like one of my friends, you are allergic to this, you can actually buy paint designed for body art which is suitable for sensitive skin.
3. Making a list of happy things – this really helps me focus on the more positive side of my day, even bad days will have at least a few positives and sometimes it’s nice to be able to see these written down to give you more of a focus on them than any negative things.
4. Going on a long walk – not all relaxation has to involve you sitting down. Sometimes light exercise can be incredibly helpful for relaxing. Every day I take an hour long walk home just to de-stress and clear my mind, ready to chill out when I get home!
5. Yoga – this is another form of light exercise that can be really good for your mind. Although it can take some practice to be able to get into a lot of these positions, there are a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube if you aren’t sure on what positions to try or how to do them safely!

These are just a few of the many things either I or others I know really enjoy doing to calm down after a stressful day, or even when you just feel like having some you time. Because, let’s face it, when you’re busy helping people all day you deserve some time to yourself!

Above all, please remember, it is not selfish to take care and be good to yourself.

~ Jem x