Today I wanted to blog a letter I’ve had drafted for a while that I intend on giving to my future child/children as soon as they’re old enough to understand it/for it to be relevant.

To my darling future child,

I want you to know that, even though I do not know you yet, you are wonderful. You are practically perfect in every single way. You see, I can guarantee already that I love you more than I could ever love anybody else. I just really hope you will have the same unconditional, unending love for me.

I want to make you a few promises (you are totally allowed to remind me of these at any point in case I forget):
1. I promise I will always take your seriously. If you tell me something I will believe you and stand by you unless I have reason to believe you aren’t being truthful with me.
2. I promise I will always be approachable and listen to everything you have to say. If you ever want to talk, even if it’s 3am, you can squeeze in my bed and we can chat about anything that’s getting you down or worrying you.
3. I also, however, promise that if I notice you are down or worried, I will not pressure you to tell me what is the matter. I will never make you feel guilty for wanting to keep things secret and will always give you space to breathe.
4. I promise I will support every single decision you make as long as you promise to tell me what they are, however crazy or radical they may be. Even if I don’t agree with what you want to do, I promise I will at the very least try to understand and see things from your perspective.
5. I promise I will help you in any way I possibly can. Whether it’s as small as a super hard piece of homework or a life changing decision like whether or not you should take that million-pound-a-year job I already know you deserve.
6. I promise I will always believe in you and your abilities to excel in every single thing you do when you put your mind to it! You might not always realise what you’re capable of but I will always try to open your eyes to everything you’re capable of when you try.
7. I promise that I will do everything I can to make you smile and laugh. I’ll write cute messages in your lunch box, order takeaways when you try hard at school and spend all my free time taking you to nice places or even just playing board games. I will always have time for you.
8. I promise I will always take an interest in the things you are interested in. If you find something you love I will do my best to make all the money I can to fund it. Even if it turns out to be just a phase, it won’t be a waste if it gives you happiness even for a short while.
9. I promise that I will love you no matter what. Whether you are tall, short, underweight, overweight, gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, green, have mental health issues, an impairment, disability or any other trait that bad parents might resent. I promise I will love you both because of and in spite of all of the things that make you, you.
10. And the last of my promises; I promise to be the best mother I possibly can. I will do everything I can no matter how big or small to make your life a happy and healthy environment.

I have dreamt about having you since I was a little girl myself and the thought that you might now exist, and be reading this, makes my heart thump. You are so wanted and so loved and I promise that is true for both myself and your mummy (my future wife).

I really hope this makes you as happy when you read it as it did for me writing it. I love you to the moon and back and can’t wait to meet you.

All my love,

~ Jem x