So after a disastrous week or so with Royal Mail battering my Buddy Box to pieces my replacement finally arrived today (yay)!

The anticipation of waiting for this to arrive has killed me, I’ve been so excited, and now it’s finally here I have been bouncing off the walls since I found out! And it really couldn’t have come sooner with the shitty week I’ve had. But I really would like to note here that Blurt have been nothing but helpful and lovely; sending out a replacement box and even reporting the damage to Royal Mail for me.

“But what’s in it?”, I hear you cry! Well, as you can see from the picture, a lot of lovely little bits.


Confession time: I am really not a movie buff at all (unless it is a horror/involves lesbians/both!) and I don’t drink tea but nevertheless this was still such a lovely treat. And, of course, I can always give the tea and game as a gift to someone who would love it!

I’ve not yet used the vaporising oil but have, of course, added the Amber & Smoke (from the first box which was damaged) and Sea Salt & Sage candles straight to my collection of 30+ candles… I’m really not obsessed with candles, I promise…

And as for the moustache fridge magnets – I’ve already ordered some pictures to stick on my radiator with them!

So, even though it took 10 extra days, it was totally worth the wait. If you are wanting to purchase any of the items in this box, as always, they can be found here – it doesn’t mention it there but I vaguely recall last month if you bought by clicking those links a small part of the money would go to The Blurt Foundation but don’t hold me to that!

The best part of this month was that I was also able to buy a Buddy Box for some very wonderful people in my life to thank them for continuously make me smile. Here’s what they thought:


I like the uniqueness of each box and how even though it’s a small box it brings me so much happiness and it’s cute.


I found the buddy box to be very interesting and contain lots of great little items. Very pleased with this gift and perfect for a casual night in.

Come to think of it, I probably spend way too much of my money on gifts but this box really is the perfect way to make people you care about smile! And, of course, anything to do with making my friends happy I’m all for!


(Me when people tell me I give too many gifts… Sorry not sorry.)

If you want to order yourself a Buddy Box for next month you can still do so until the end of this month here. For a one-off purchase, a Buddy Box is £21.50 but there’s also an option to buy a one-off Buddy Box Lite for £12!

As I’ve previously mentioned on this blog Blurt does a lot to reach out and talk about mental health and this is something very close to my heart and personal to me. I have countless friends which I know both in real life and online who suffer with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and other “invisible illnesses”, and I have my fair share of struggles too. The love and friendship I’ve received from the Blurt team has been unbelievably helpful in my recovery and I hope the foundation continues to get the recognition it deserves. Either way, Blurt, you have my unending support!

~ Jem x