As always, Blurt seem to know exactly when I’m having a terrible mental health day and send their wonderful box to cheer me up. So, here’s a picture of what was in the box this month (and of course the writing on the box has Christmassy golden text)!


As always, some really wonderful gifts to help de-stress and relax and also a couple of items for getting creative (which my C in textiles proves I’m totally amazing at…).

My eyes literally always have bags under them so I can’t wait to use “puffy the eye bag slayer”. I’ve annoyingly already given out my work presents but the “Merry Christmas” tape will be perfect for family presents! The cracker has bath fizzers in and, let’s be honest, I’m the biggest bathaholic there ever was. The make-your-own ornament will be really exciting to make and I cannot wait to hang it on our tree every year! And of course, last but not least, in fact probably my favourite – the Calm book! I am always getting stressed over really stupid things so this is going to be my bible until I’ve done it all a million times and there’s nothing left to stress about!

This really was the most perfect early Christmas present and if I get nothing else this year, this really was enough for me (even if it was from myself, shh)! It makes me so happy to think my mum will be ordering me a 6 month subscription to Blurt’s BuddyBoxes for Christmas, to think I’ll be this happy every single one of those months!

Once again, thank you so much Blurt. I really wouldn’t be my happy self without you guys! And for all of you who would like to purchase a BuddyBox or learn more about their subscriptions, click here!

~ Jem x