At the beginning of March, Lush Reading officially announced via social media that they would be getting a shiny new store come mid-April. For those of you who aren’t local to Reading, it is worth noting that their previous store was far too small and customers and staff alike had been dreaming of this new store for a very long time. It’s safe to say this upgrade really was overdue. With recent trends in the business world of stores downsizing, Lush’s company-wide decision to triple their average store size over the next three years really demonstrates exactly how successful Lush is and just how many people have fallen in love with its values and morals.

Now Lush Reading is not only my local Lush but I really do consider it to be my second home; the staff my second family. It is such a happy place for me with some of the kindest, friendliest, funniest and most unique people to grace this planet. My real goal of this blog post is to briefly outline the exciting new concept store and some of the lovely people that I met today at the opening.

Let the adventure begin…

Here is where we begin our tour. Located in The Oracle in Reading Town Centre, this is what the incredible new store looks like from the outside in.

Once we reached the store, we were greeted by the lovely Shaun and Georgia, who are two of the loveliest people you will ever meet in your life. Georgia is all smiles and there really are no words to describe my love for the fabulous Shaun. Of course, the lovely Georgia (pictured below) was wearing a spectacular Intergalactic-inspired costume!

Now we will dive right into the new store for the first time. The store is simply beautiful, with so many magical and witty quips and quotes displayed all around – it really adds to the modernised look, it’s such a lovely touch!

I tried to take as many pictures as I possibly could of all the different sections that are now a lot more defined than they were previously. Having so much space has evidently made it a lot easier to display so many wonderful products, while also leaving more space for demo stations.

With all these exciting new areas to choose from, I found it difficult to pick one favourite part, so these are my top two! Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found the best part of any shopping trip is the interactiveness. The concept of making and doing while socialising at the same time is very important to me personally. That is why the new events area and the incredibly exciting demo sinks are my new favourite areas.

When we arrived, I even managed to make a cute little alien at the events area with some Rainbow Fun! (Featuring some colourful shower jellies as planets: Refresher, Needles and Pines, Whoosh, 93,000 Miles)

After this, they transformed the events area into a station for creating the much loved Butterball bath bomb! Sadly, mine split in half on the way home but making it was still very entertaining.

One of the last things I got to do before I left was to have my hair done at their new styling station. This was such a nice experience, nowhere near as awkward as a trip to the hairdressers is!

The Gift of A Friend

The best things in life are unexpected because there were no expectations.

Over the past couple of years, my life has been absolutely crazy. And as silly as it may sound, the wonderful people of Lush Reading have always unexpectedly cheered me up without even realising it. From heartbreaks to bad days at work; from low self-esteem days to my dad being diagnosed with cancer, these people were always there with a friendly face and a sarcastic joke to ease whatever stress I was going through. Now I really just want to express my love and gratitude for some of the wonderful Lush employees who were at the opening today; some that I have known for years, and some that I only met today, but all of them just as wonderful as each other.

**I’m sorry if I’ve spelt any names wrong, I’ll happily correct them if anyone wants to help me with the right spellings.

I’m going to start with the lovely people that I met on my trip today. The first person I met today was the hilarious Niki. Niki challenges the stereotype that all Lush employees are sunshine and rainbows but instead offers a level of relatable-ness that is so real and witty. 10/10 would recommend a promotion here!

The next lovely that I was fortunate enough to meet was the beautiful Mila. The skincare section of Lush is a range I’ve not ventured too far into, and currently, I don’t use any cleansers on my face. When I was struggling to choose which would be right for me, she swooped in and was more than happy to save me from picking the wrong product for me. She was so knowledgeable and convinced me to buy a cleanser and some tea tree toner, and also popped in a sample for me to try for the next time I want to buy a cleanser. I’m very excited to delve into these amazing products with my newly gained knowledge from Mila, thank you!

After I’d been finished basking in the beautiful skincare section, I decided to have a look at massage bars for when I have a bit more money to treat myself. That’s when the incredible Rachel rushed over to me to say hello! This lady was so kind to me and treated myself and my friend like real VIPs, offering to demo every product that we had never tried before. For me, this really showed just how passionate she is about the brand and her knowledge really shone through. She was very tentative and I’m really happy that I got the chance to talk to her, I can’t wait to come in and buy the products she showed me today.

Now I’m going to move on to the staff who I’ve known for at the very least a few months, starting with the lovely Tori. Every time I see her she’s always smiling and ready to help or just have a chat. Today was very busy so the fact that when the bath bomb making began, Tori made the effort to come and find me and took me to the table really made me feel happy and appreciated. I really do love chatting to Tori, she really is such a kind and lovely person and makes every trip to Lush enjoyable.

Another person who has always made me love being in Lush is Sammie. She is one of the most positive and smiley people, always welcoming and making jokes. Sammie is so bubbly and passionate about Lush and is always showing that. Every time I’m there she is always ready to offer help and knowledge, or just a funny story!

And of course, I couldn’t write this blog post without mentioning the wonderful Shaun. Shaun is literally just everything I love about Lush. He is kind, funny, sassy, and just the funniest person. I genuinely just adore him and we could probably talk for hours! Shaun is one of the reasons I love going to Lush, no trip is ever boring when he’s about!

There are also a few people who I wanted to mention that I don’t always talk to, but who always make me smile with their kindness. Lucy, Lauren (both of them!), Amy and Chai are also constant reminders of how lovely, kind and funny all of the staff at Luch Reading are. Honestly, I love this store with my whole heart.

If you’d like to follow these lovely people, you can check out their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Anyway, I will leave you all with some pictures of what I bought today and my wonderful company. Thank you to anyone who read this, and I hope you’ll take my advice and visit this wonderful store.

~Jem x