Today I wanted to write something that I’ve been promising a lot of my lovely local Lush staff for quite some time: another blog post about them! Because, well, I adore them all.

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But this time, I wanted to try to put into words the reasons this company and these people mean so much to me and have changed my life in one way or another. So without further ado, I’ll get started on why these magical people make me dance like the Doctor every time I go to the store… You know the dance I mean…

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I want to start with my two lovely friends at Lush Oxford Street – Georgia and Leah. Georgia is honestly one of the funniest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She’s so kind and has given one of my friends a RAOK each time I’ve seen her. She’s just so ready to be kind and talk for ages. Leah is just the sweetest angel ever and deserves all the happiness. She’s so kind and the first time I met her we talked for ages and she let me put Golden Egg glitter on my face for the dodie gig I went to. These girls are so wonderful and the fact they recognised me the second time I met them a few months later made me eternally happy. I can’t wait to hopefully see you girls again soon!

One of the first lovely ladies that I met at Lush was Sammie! Sammie is always smiling and her stories always make me laugh and brighten my day. If you ever meet her, ask her about the demo bowl story…

Another wonderful person is Tori – she has shown me nothing but kindness and has the coolest bumble bee tattoo! Tori is so good at art and I can’t wait to see how she gets on with the henna cones.

Next, of course, is my lovely Lucy. This lady is everything I aspire to be – kind, caring, cool, and can rock a knot wrap. Lucy is covered in some of the coolest tattoos I’ve ever seen and has the best style ever. She also has the cutest cats ever. Every time I see Lucy she greets me with a big smile and a compliment and I can’t help but smile. Eventually, we will do a day in London and do Lush Oxford Street, I promise!

Out of everyone who works at Lush ever I think Lauren B has to be the funniest. Her crazy dancing and obsession with Totoro are just two of the reasons she’s awesome. I love her enthusiasm and sense of humour.

I’ve only ever had like 2 or 3 conversations with Lauren G but the most important had to be about queer representation in Lush vs. The Body Shop’s half-assed attempt at replicating those pictures. I love finding people like-minded people with the same values – keep being awesome girl!

Emma is super lovely and always makes me laugh. I remember on her first shift someone “introduced me to her” and I’m glad we experienced that super awkward and weird moment together. But anyway Emma is really lovely and seeing Alyssa Edwards with her and the others was pretty cool.

I remember the first time I met the lovely Hannah we talked for like half an hour about Black Mirror and various other TV shows and it was like I’d found my TV twin. She’s really down to earth, funny and just generally a lovely human.

Okay, so Laura is literally amazing on every level. She is so sweet and her artwork is phenomenal. She recently did an illustration for me to give my friend before she goes on her maternity leave (see the picture below) and it’s so beautifully done. Laura is kind, funny, talented and our little chats always make me smile.

Georgia is such a lovely girl and my favourite memory has to be of her dressed as Intergalactic on the opening when some random guy ran past and poked her costume. Anyway, she’s really sweet and deserves all the happiness!

I’m hoping this won’t go to Nikki’s head again but like I said last time he is really cool. Nikki has the best sense of humour and always makes me laugh. He always makes a bad day that little bit less shitty. His tattoos are so cool and I don’t think the store would be the same without him.

Sin is always so lovely to me and makes me smile a lot. I LOVE Sin’s hair and our long-running joke of “you’re back again?” – as if I ever leave! Anyway, Sin is super cool and I always enjoy our talks.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Amelia T for the first time and she is the sweetest person ever, I swear. We spoke for ages about lots of different things and have decided we need a trip to Lush Oxford Street soon. She is such a star and I hope she knows that (even though her shoes weren’t quite as extra as mine, Lauren’s or Sophie’s)! Believe in yourself, girl. You are awesome.

There’s another Amelia too who usually has glitter on her face and it looks amazing. I love glitter and therefore she is awesome. She’s always been so sweet when we’ve talked and her hair is awesome too.

Now Alix is one of the sweetest people ever. She always compliments my outfits and it makes me so happy. Her style is everything. I remember she was the first to tell me about my last blog post and I remember being so happy. She’s basically just the level of cool and aesthetic I aspire to be.

Becky is really lovely. We’ve spoken a few times and she’s always so nice to me. Her Instagram is super cool and I love her style. The teenager in me is also super jealous that she went to a Paramore concert!

So Clara is basically the queen of makeup and I will be infinitely jealous of her amazing and literally sparkly skin. She’s so skilled and her tattoos are beautiful. She has given me such good advice over the past month and I love talking to her. Our views are really similar and it’s so nice to have someone to talk to who is so interesting.

Obviously,  Shaun is my actual queen. I love him more than anything and he’s always there for me to turn any bad day into an amazing one. He has done so much for me and I will never be able to thank him enough. From listening to my rambles to giving me a heart-shaped Creamy Candy, this babe has done everything possible to make my life a million times better. Accidentally going clubbing with you guys was the best experience. Can’t wait to do London and drown ourselves in bath bombs at Oxford Street, parading around London like the queens of sass that we both are! Love you loads Shauny.

Lastly, I want to talk about the wonderful Alicia. Since I met her we’ve gotten on like a house on fire. I can talk to her about literally anything and she always knows exactly what to say to make me laugh. The first time we met was her first shift where we talked and she demoed loads of the Christmas range for me and I was there for like two hours. The second time we met was on Monday 5 December and I remember that day so vividly because it was the day my dad was officially diagnosed with cancer. I wanted to be anywhere but at home and the only place I could think to go after work was to Lush. I cried the entire walk there so I’m sure I looked like a mess and I told Alicia what a shit day I’d had. She hugged me and gave me my first ever RAOK and then we talked for a while and it made the worst day of my life not so bad. 7 months on and this girl is still my fave and I can’t wait to go to London with her next month.

I’ve said it time and time again: these people are not “just staff”, they are friends. They are all such kind and caring people and I know I’ve probably missed a few people off so I will likely just keep adding to this as I remember them but for now I just really hope all these lovely people know how much they’ve affected both my life and my confidence. They’ve all helped me grow in one way or another and I’m so grateful to them all.

I love you guys. Keep being you.

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~Jem x